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The RU Hoodie by ChopShop U  


Retail Price: $80.00

Sale Price: $39.99

Sizes:Men's / Women's
The Rutgers EZ Pass by ChopShop U

Introductory Offer!

Retail Price: $24.99

Introductory Price: $19.99 

(This order includes 2 - 2 inch strips of 3M Black Velcro)

Rutgers EZ Pass


Buy 2 EZ Pass Covers & Get FREE Shipping!

EZ Pass (2) / Accessories- Free Shipping



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Chop Shop U Fans..
I stumbled on your website today and was 
blown away with what you are doing. The 
product looks great and the whole movement 
is needed.- Paul

I just got my RU hoodie in the mail. 
LOVE IT!!!!!!! It is even more beautiful in 
person!! Thank you!! -Erin

Hey.. bought a sweatshirt a while ago, and 
I love it! I was around some RU alum and a 
couple of them really liked them too.. Great hoodie! - K

Hey Chop Shop U..I am a fellow Rutgers alumni. 
Love you're fresh take on the collegiate hoodie! 
- Michael




Additional EZ Pass Accessories:  

Black 3M Velcro


Non Slip Pad
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